Aero Clear offers a total aircraft window refurbishment service, on and off site, and can assist all operators in designing a program to meet their specific needs.

We also repair and restore canopies, including helicopters, landing light sensors, and wing-tip lenses on all aircraft.

We have created a revolutionary process for cockpit and cabin window refurbishment.

Our system removes crazing (even in advanced stages) and restores a high level of optical clarity without noticeable distortion or appreciable heat generation of the surface.
Our process is quick, cost effective, and exceeds the highest international standards.

Our Process & Techniques

Aero Clear’s processes and procedures may look simple to the untrained eye, but our techniques require specialised skills and precision.
Technique and ‘know how’ are essential to the success of the process, as are the specialised cutting compounds and the equipment requirements.
As part of an integral part of the Aero Clear procedure, we perform repeat inspections of the surface to ensure that the material thickness limitations, as set by the manufacturer, are met. This is carried out using specialised equipment to take ultrasonic thickness measurements throughout the resurfacing exercise.

Your Savings

Significant savings can be realised by adopting an in-situ maintenance program, rather than the conventional ‘replace as needed’ process.
We believe that a maintenance program to combat window crazing, stone chips and scratching should be tailored to the requirements of the particular aircraft operator.
Aero Clear are happy to work with the operator to achieve the most cost-effective solution to their needs.

Removal and re-installation of window assemblies can be a very time-consuming exercise.

Seats, side wall panels, inner protective panes, and the mid- and outer-pane assemblies and seals all take time and money to remove and re-install. Sorting, dispatching, processing and shipping of the windows can then add more time and expense.

Our system offers a way to contain the development of crazing and maintain great optical clarity, without the time and expense of replacing the entire pane. We see this in-situ servicing as an integral process, and just one part of an overall window maintenance plan.

Generally, we recommend a tailored program incorporating regular inspections, on-wing refurbishment, periodic removal of window panes for assessment, and the ‘Optics Plus’ diamond milling procedure. We also recommend that all windows on the aircraft, or in designated zones, be refurbished at the same time to simplify scheduling, sequencing the refurbishment, recording material removal, and monitoring surface condition.

Our Optics-Plus milling process

Our ‘Optics Plus’ diamond milling machine returns crazed windows back to an ‘as-new’ condition for a fraction of the cost of new windows. We are CASA part 145 approved and carry out all repairs in strict accordance with the aircraft manufacturers guidelines. After repair and refurbishment, all windows are ultra-sonically tested to service IAW manufacturers strict requirements.

Periodically, at a convenient time, we suggest the cabin side windows be removed for refurbishment utilising our ‘Optics-Plus’ diamond milling process. This process has been developed by Aero Clear to not only restore the surface of the window to an ‘as-new’ condition (or even better), but also to allow for a complete assessment and thorough inspection in the seal plane area.

After the window is diamond cut with the Aero Clear ‘Optics Plus’ method, we then polish the window, relieving any stresses, prolonging the life of the window, and reducing the possibility of future crazing taking place. The window is then Ultra-sonically inspected to ensure it conforms to all manufacturers recommendations.

Save more with superior results.

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